Thanks to Murray (MUZ)

With Thanks to Muz, Without Whom This Would Not Be Here

Friday, September 14, 2012

GT380 Gear Selector Problem Solved?

I was thinking about the gear box problem. It was strange how the gear lever had no spring back. So I removed the right hand crankcase cover, and the clutch. There was a spring behind the selector arm but it didn't look right and didn't seem to be doing much but I couldn't remember how it should look. I went to the workshop manual, no use. It had an exploded view of the components but not how they actually fitted together.

Now I took quite a lot of photos of the engine during disassembly and went through them. I came to the one below.

You can see the selector arm and that the spring is tight on either side of a fixed pivot on the crankcase. Mine wasn't like that it was flopping around. I must not have assembled it correctly. So I placed it in the correct position and now the lever springs back to where it should be after changing gear. I'll put it back together today and see if it works.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Good News, Bad News

Well i started the engine. Took a little while, the carbys still had minor blockages but more work cleared them. The timing was a bit more fiddly than I remembered even though I had a dial gauge but got that right eventually.

A couple of kicks, IT STARTS!!. Stop engine and check everything again. It starts again, it won't idle but I'll fix that later.

Get bike out of garage, start, engage first gear and off. Beautiful it feels smooth, engage second gear, off we go, smooth and pulls ok.

Engage third gear, didn't engage, try again, NO THIRD GEAR. Back into second and back to the garage. Trouble finding neutral, but get it eventually. Examination shows that the gear lever has lost spring and won't spring back to the original position. I go through the gearbox carefully while the bike is on the centre stand. All the gears are there but because the gear lever isn't returning to the home position they are difficult to engage.

Good News - The gearbox is probably ok.
BAD NEWS - I have to pull the engine out again to see what I have done wrong when reassembling it.